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                          Another area in cemetery preservation
                                  we enjoy here at Ponsford is

                                             The Workshop     


If you have a group and the cemetery, we have the instructors.  Even if you don’t have a cemetery, but have a group, we can always find you a cemetery looking for some help. From Boy Scouts Troops to social or religious groups.
We’ll instruct your group on proper methods of cleaning and repair and help you put together a program that works for your group and your cemetery.
There are numerous projects that your group can take on.

  • Cemetery clean-up
  • Adopt an abandon cemetery
  • Historical Landscaping using only local native plants
  • Grave data record keeping.
  • Genealogy research
  • Posting your cemetery on find a grave
  • Producing a web site for your cemetery.

These are just a few of the workshops that we can help your group begin, send us an email or go ahead and give us a call. We at Ponsford are always looking forward to helping you preserve your local history.