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              Cemetery Conservation Services

Here we are removing corrosion from a bronze panel.
By using walnut-shell powder blasting, we are able to remove the corrosion without hurting the alloy or as you can see, the base patina. This is followed by a coat of oxidation inhibiting conservation wax that will stabilize the bronze from further corrosion.

         Cemeteries Is Where History Dwells

In no other place does it ring more true, than in cemeteries, for there is where history dwells. In cemeteries you can learn about local, national and world history, or interpret motifs that tell a story of a person’s life.
In architecture, it covers a wide range, from Romanesque to modern, cement to granite and from iron to gilded or patinated bronze.
And even in literature, epitaphs can speak volumes in just a few words.
For students of Architecture, Conservation, History or horticulture, will be hard pressed to find another sq acre lot with such a vast variety of history, styles and materials. 

However, to maintain the true integrity of these historical sites, proper conservation is an essential for their preservation, From the monuments and headstones to the surrounding landscape.

Whether it is a local municipality, federal government or a family cemetery, for more than three decades Ponsford has been building a worldwide reputation for its ability to restore sculptures, monuments and headstones after vandalism, catastrophic weather, neglect or an unforeseen accidents.

Ponsford only uses methods and materials that are in accordance with conservation standards and principles of do no harm, with meticulous attention to detail and historical correctness.

Historic Oakland Cemetery
Atlanta, Ga